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Q: What industries do you specialize in, or what industries will you not work in?

A: We are industry-agnostic.

Q: Can I get recruiting as a stand-alone service?

A: We found that recruiting alone won't fully solve the problems of the Chief Everything Officer. Therefore, recruiting is one of the four steps of our proven process and can't be offered by itself.

Q: What is an Integrator?

A: As defined by EOS®, the Integrator is a critical role that complements the Visionary CEO. Often taking the title of President, COO, GM, or Chief of Staff, the Integrator is the glue for the organization, the one who executes the business plan, holds the Leadership Team accountable, is the steady force in the organization, and who filters the Visionary's ideas.

Q: Why don't you work with companies that do less than $50k in monthly revenue?

A: Unfortunately, we have found that the cost of our program, coupled with the cost of paying the base salary of an integrator (COO, GM, Ops of Business Manager), is too high for companies with less than $50,000 in monthly revenue. However, we offer a second chance opportunity for people to book a call with us if they meet the following criteria:

  • You have $8,800 per month to spend during the first 3 months of our 6-month program and $5,900 per month to spend during the last 3 months of our 6-month program.

  • You have the financial means to pay the estimated base salary of $5k - $10k per month for your newly-hired Integrator.

  • You can allocate about 1 hour a day to the process throughout the 6-month program.

Q: Do you offer month-to-month or ala carte services?

A: No. Our program is tried and true. Skipping steps won't work in your favor. As an example, we used to allow our clients to opt out of our program after we hired an Integrator for them. If you can believe it, we used to allow it to be optional for the CEO to engage in our Management Mastery training program. And unfortunately, if they chose not to participate in the training, we found the Visionary & Integrator relationship wasn't built on key foundational management and delegation practices. They struggled, sometimes coming back to us and asking for help. We knew we had to change our program. We exist for one reason: To unleash YOU. And when we had the consistent data to prove the best results came after following the 6-month program in its entirety, we had an easy choice to make.  

Q: What if I already have someone I've identified for the Integrator role? Do I have to use you for recruiting and hiring someone else?

A: Nope! Some of our clients already have someone identified as their future Integrator. If so, we work with them to go through the process from start to finish, following the same process and achieving the same proven results as if we sourced candidates for you. Recruiting isn't a defined line item in our fee structure. The 6-month program is priced competitively with or without us sourcing candidates for you.

Q: What does your recruiting process entail? How do you hire an Integrator?

A: We lead with hiring a remote employee for the Integrator position. Why remote? For several reasons. COVID shifted the landscape for recruiting, hiring, and retaining talent. Thousands of companies now offer fully remote positions, and candidates in the market prefer remote positions over hybrid or in-person. With remote candidates, we have several advantages:

  1. A much larger candidate pool.

  2. The ability to attract stronger candidates without overly-aggressive compensation plans since the cost of living varies significantly across North America.

  3. And the ability to filter the candidate pool to find both hyper-qualified and vision-aligned Integrators who fit the specifications for your missing link.

We work with you to source candidates from your network while also reviewing candidates in our database of over 60 qualified Integrators across North America seeking a role with an impact-driven and vision-centric CEO. 

This pool contains candidates from various industries, walks of life, and varying degrees of experience. We have candidates ready to take on roles from executive administration to business management and even executive-level leadership in a President or COO role. We continue to add more candidates to this database, and it's one of the advantages of working with us. The recruiting market is complex right now. With labor shortages, demand for remote work, and flexibility, it is a candidates' market, but we are actively placing Integrators each week ahead of it.