Behind Every Great Founder CEO Is A Great


We exist to support scale for our clients by matching them with an elite 2nd-In-Command to execute their vision fast, risk-free, and with a measurable ROI.

What if you could free up 30 hours in your week and reach new revenue heights?

Well, now you can.

Unleashed isn’t another executive coaching guru promising to give you the magic key to the revenue kingdom, instead, we work with you and your team to help you reclaim your time, simplify your systems, and expand your team.

Have we piqued your interest?

You Don't Need Another Coach or Course To Scale Your Business… You Need An Operations Counterpart.

Coaching alone won’t enable you to scale. Most Visionary Entrepreneurs don’t need more information, they need more implementation. Unleashed has created a comprehensive approach to pair you with the right person who can help you get your time back so you can scale your business.

An Overview of Our Proven Process

1. Vision Refinement

We start by defining your vision, cultural values, goals, and needs as a company to help develop a clear ‘success profile’ for the person you need to get to the next level.

2. Opportunity Recruiting

We leverage your newly refined vision to recruit the right caliber of candidates, identify an internal candidate on your team, or leverage talent from your network to make the right hire.

3. Onboarding & Delegating

We map out the process from A-to-Z of how to onboard your operations counterpart and clearly lay out what you need to do as CEO, what you can have your team do, and what your new hire needs to take ownership of from day one and move forward.

4. Management Mastery

We help you and your operations counterpart work together to build a healthy and sustainable business. Our team provides ongoing education on 5 Competencies to build a self-managing company and helps them customize our proven set of tools and frameworks to scale your company with you.

5. Ongoing Training

We’ll be your team of advisors in the fight alongside you. The Unleashed team will continue to train you and your team, helping you shift from the Chief Everything Officer to a fully realized, Unleashed CEO.

We Provide The Tools You Need To Grow

Our process and methodology have worked for over 150 Visionary Entrepreneurs (and counting). It’s time to let it work for you. 

Visionary CEO

You are passionate about your business vision, but you’re playing the role of Chief Everything Officer. You’re experiencing burnout and overwhelm, all because you’re missing your Operations Counterpart. Take a deep breath, you've come to the right place to find your business' missing link.

The Integrator

As defined by EOS®, the Integrator is a critical role that complements the Visionary CEO. They're the glue for the company, the one who executes the business plan, holds the Leadership Team accountable, is the steady force in the organization, and who filters the Visionary’s ideas.

Hear From Our Clients

“The Integrator Unleashed hired for me is now taking over everything I don't like to do. We're $20K more profitable each month and I'm working half as much.”

Luke Mardigan

Owner | The Mardigan Agency and Agency ID Consulting

“One of the biggest wins has been not feeling alone anymore… just this week a couple of employees called in sick and the Operations Manager they hired handled everything … that feels amazing!”

Mark Hardaway

Owner | Ecospin & Happy Nest Laundry Services

Are you ready to take the first step to move from a Chief Everything Officer to an Unleashed CEO?