Our 4-Step Proven Process

Become an Unleashed Founder CEO and Execute Your Vision    with an Integrator Partner.


Ready to run your business with less stress and get time back to do what you love and are great at? You’re in the right place. Our 4-Step process is an end-to-end solution that frees Founder CEOs up from day-to-day management by matching them with one of our Integrator Partners who can help execute their vision and build a healthy, growing company.

Our 4-step process involves one of our fractional Integrator Partners diving into the details of your business on the day-to-day level. Our team will work to understand your business from the culture to business operations. This understanding will allow us to help remove the stress and chaos from your life, by providing structure and stability in key areas of your business.

At Unleashed, OUR goal is to help you and your team live your dream! 

The 4-Step Process

Step 1: Collaboration

We only partner with companies we are 100% confident we can help.

We discover this through an interactive call with each visionary to introduce ourselves, explain our process and discover if our proven process is a good fit.

We walk through the following steps:

  • About Us

  • About You

  • The Process

Step 2: Immersion

During this step in the process our team will accomplish three main objectives, so we can get into the weeds!

Refine your Vision 

Every great entrepreneur has a compelling vision that drives them to succeed. Our team ensures this vision can become a reality by working with visionaries to make it something that can easily be communicated to the team. Integrator Partners will work with you to define the core values, which help determine who the people must be for us to succeed. 

Audit Business Operations 

Great businesses are made up of incredible people sitting in the right seats with clear expectations. The right people in the right seats can make all the difference, so we do a deep dive with the CEO and team members. Our goal is to understand the current structure, job descriptions, and responsibilities for each team member. We gather as much data about your current performance as a business, key metrics you are tracking, priorities and meeting cadences to determine overall company health. 

Present the Plan

After due diligence, we will present the 90 Day Plan to drive efficiency & provide structure to your organization. 

Before presenting the full plan, we will review our proposal and co-create the plan with you and your leadership team in order to have full buy-in.


Step 3: Execution 

Our team will work to ensure everyone, from leadership to the employees, are aligned on the 90 day plan.

Following alignment on the 90 day plan, we will begin executing on it right away. Your Integrator Partner will schedule a 90 minute Level 10 Meeting® for the following week. There you and your team will report on the last week’s performance and solve key issues preventing you from hitting your goals. 

Each quarter we will again assess business performance and set new priorities to execute on. Your fractional integrator will keep working alongside you as the visionary until your business outgrows them. 

Step 4: Empowerment

Go full-time with an integrator when the timing is right for your business, and we will be there with you!

When your business grows to the point of needing a full-time integrator, our team will work with you to determine the right person to sit in that seat and make the transition.

By this point we’ve helped you build a self-managing team you can trust and it’s time for someone to be empowered to execute the vision in a full time capacity.

Are you ready to stop playing Chief Everything Officer and become an Unleashed CEO?

It’s time to shift your identity, regain time in your day, and scale your business.