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We work with visionary entrepreneurs who realize they must focus on their strengths and delegate their constraints in order to reach the next level. Our clients know their energy is better spent on the “Big Picture”, not on day-to-day business management. But because they lack an operations counterpart, they’re stuck trying to do both and often feel frustrated and burned out as a result.

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The Visionary CEO

Visionary Entrepreneurs often become CEO of their company by default. They are passionate about their vision and have hundreds of ideas to grow their business. But don’t have the means or team buy-in to execute them. Their time is spent running the business instead of working on it. This puts weight on their capabilities, making them the “Chief Everything Officer”. They are stuck in a box and aren’t making a difference and achieving their goals.

With Unleashed, we’ll help these individuals break down those barriers. We have the resources, expertise, and tools needed to develop processes and give them back the time in their day to keep chasing their career dreams and do what they love again.

How To Shift From Business Owner Operator to CEO

Here Comes The Integrator

As defined by EOS®, the Integrator is a critical role that complements the Visionary CEO. Often taking the title of President, COO, GM, or Chief of Staff, the Integrator is the glue for the organization, the one who executes the business plan, holds the Leadership Team accountable, is the steady force in the organization, and who filters the Visionary’s ideas.

Unleashed has a team of recruitment experts and knows exactly what to look for in this position. We’ll handle the hiring for you or help you develop an internal candidate to take on the Integrator role. This ensures you place the right person, and Unleashed goes the extra step to support the onboarding and development of the Integrator to be 100% strong in their role.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

"The big win was getting clearer on my vision and finding the proper candidate to move it forward... myself, my son and (the unleashed team), all three of us matched on the right person... she checked off so many boxes for me."

- Owner of Batitech Building Solutions

"I used to have 20+ employees... now we probably have 14 instead of 20. Now, if we look at my start date, October 20th, 2020, that month we were doing maybe 150k or so, and now... Two months ago, we did our highest month ever: $240,000. And we'll easily hit 5 million next year. I'm in for life with the Unleashed CEO team.

- Owner of Abbey Neuropsychology

"I was the bottleneck. Beaten, broken down and struggling to get by…. But within the first 30 days of joining the program, we doubled our Revenue…. then I was focused on making a hire and putting some processes in place… after we made that hire… we've had another 50% growth from there. There’s no sign of stopping in sight.”   

- Chris Decker - Owner of Salescast

"Unleashed CEO has been ecstatic fun since day one. A huge win has been having the systems in place that allow me to build a team that can in very measurable ways meet our goals… which frees me up to do the rest of my life. I can't even put into words how grateful I am for this and how empowering it is..."

- Julia Bowen - Owner of Yoga by Julia

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